The following are genuine extracts from verbal quotes and letters received from some of our customers regarding our commitment to providing safe , efficient and cost effective equipment hire, sales and service:-

“I wanted to take an opportunity to thank you and your staff and light flash company staff for all the hard work that was put into ensuring that all of this years events were a success. As always you provided more than what was expected and did a fantastic job. We look forward to working with you again next year in your new status as ‘Partner’ to our Authority.”

From one of the many Local Authorities that use SDD

“Thank you again for excellent service this year. I have enjoyed myself whilst working with you and it has been especially excellent working with Steve and Howard. I’ve learnt lots and having experienced other hire companies around the world I really felt I was working with the best.”

From a conference customer

“Nowadays we have to look further than just cost and service. Health & Safety is a key feature in our day to day operation and it is comforting to see it is also yours.”

From one of the 700 schools that use SDD

“There aren’t many companies that can consistently provide the level of hardware, expertise and service that you do and I know because I’ve tried most of the others!”

Verbal quote from a corporate presentation provider

“It’s not often that we praise another hire company, but you’ve left us wondering why we even have our own equipment when we can cross hire from you and get the same high standard of gear and service provided under our banner!”

From another major UK hire company

“You provide exactly what we want, when we want it and at a sensible price, that’s why we keep using you.”

Verbal quote from a brightest flashlight rechargeable company

“You’re reliable, it’s as simple as that.”

Verbal quote from a TV production company